Culture, History and Location of Turkey Essay

Culture, History and Location of Turkey Essay

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Turkey is a very interesting country and one of the most interesting facts is that a long time ago, in Bible times, Noah’s Ark landed in Mount Ararat which is located in the Eastern part of Turkey. Also one of the last meals served on Noah’s Ark was pudding which they used about twenty ingredients to make and this meal is still served in Turkey today. I would like to talk about Turkey’s culture, its physical features, and many of the other interesting differences this country has to offer.
First, I would like to talk about how Turkey’s terrain and physical features, and how they are different from other countries. Turkey could be considered part of either Asia or Central Europe here is why it is so complicated to see which one it falls under. This country has a natural bridge combining the three continents Asia, Africa, and Europe. Turkey is a country that could qualify as either in the “small portion of Europe” or in the Asian Minor. The Asian Minor is also called Anatolia it is a section of land which comprises all of Asia and part of Turkey. The Anatolian is “bounded by the Black sea to the north, the Mediterranean Sea and to the Aegean Sea-itself.” The Anatolia could be one of the oldest settlements in Turkey. Turkey is approximately 302,000 square miles of mountain’s terrain it is also above sea level. In Turkey mountain ranges go east to west. The tallest mountain range in Turkey is Mountain Ararat with a peak of 5000 meter and 129 peaks reaching 3000 meters in height. According to an article “Turkeys physical geology”, “In some provinces the temperature difference over 24 hours can be as much as 20 degrees Centigrade, and during the spring months it is not unusual to find weather of two or even three seasons at differ...

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...and a 5 pointed star in the opening of the crest.

In this paper I have learned a lot more about Turkey then I ever thought I would. The way this country lives and many of their beliefs are very interesting. It was fascinating to learn about their country, the way they live, the differences, and similarities. Turkey is much like the US its government is similar and even the way the dress is like ours. There were also many differences like what they consider taboo and some of their eating habits. Turkey seems like a fascinating country and maybe one day I can visit!

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