The, Culture And The Intergenerational Transmission Of Poverty : The Prevention Paradox

The, Culture And The Intergenerational Transmission Of Poverty : The Prevention Paradox

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One fact that everyone can agree on is that children are the future. Society must protect these children so that they can aspire to live better quality lives than their parents did and the previous generation. The article by Ludwig and Mayer entitled, “Culture and the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty: The Prevention Paradox” explores with research on the importance of the factors that will effect children and their socioeconomic status when they are adults. The article explains that changing the factors of parental behavior that will be later discussed in detail, has the ability to reduce poverty in the future generation. This analytical memo will explore the factors and parental behaviors that have been discussed and researched in class. If these factors are changed they can prevent the future generations from living in poverty (Ludwig & Meyer, 2006).

The Ludwig & Meyer article shares three factors that parents must have in order to increase their children 's chances to escape poverty. These factors are marriage, work and religion. Expanding on the previous sentence, if the child has two parents that are married , this factor acts as a protective factor for poverty. In addition if the child 's parents have a steady job and goes to some type of church or considers themselves part of a religion acts a protective factor for poverty. First, marriage between two parents will be assessed with further research. In an article by Mary Parke entitled, “Are Married Parents Really Better for Children?” that was published for the Center for Law and Social Policy. The author notes that during the past forty years the family structure has drastically changed, with an increase in single parent homes due to rise in divorce and children...

... middle of paper ... American Community. (Jordan-Zachary, 2009). The Aspen institute list various policies that help families out of poverty. Some of these policies include Head Start that assists low-income parents further their education and training to find better jobs. The Aspen Institute recommend the following:

• strengthening family and parent supports in the Head Start and Early Head Start programs;
• increasing support for economic security outcomes in home visiting programs;
• reforming financial aid programs to better help enrolled student parents; and
• redesigning Temporary Assistance for Needy Families for 21st century families; and
• leveraging provisions in the Affordable Care Act for family health and economic security.

In conclusion, the three distinct protective factors have been explained in further detail and have been adapted from the Ludwig and Mayer article.

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