Essay about Culture and Personality Development

Essay about Culture and Personality Development

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There is many different factors that determine personality and development, from environmental, genetics, and of course, the culture someone grows up. This can vary across the globe in different geological locations. It is impossible to say how much influence culture has on specific psychological development or personality. Some emotion such as happiness can be subjective and it is hard to measure the rate of happiness when contrasted with a different part of the world. Many scholars point out that wealthier and developed nations report higher feelings of well-being. (Eunkook M. Suh) Despite this association with income and well-being, there are other factors at play. In developed Western societies, they have more social services that could influence personal happiness within cultures.
Culture plays a great effect on the growth of one痴 personality. One痴 culture has a significant part in the background of our personality traits. The culture you grow up in can largely influence how you interact with your peers. It also reflects how a person conducts his or her life and determines the establishment of a person痴 belief system. Overall, cultural factors can bring out the development of one痴 personality due to their cultural perceptions.
One way culture affects one痴 personality is how we perceive the world and the way one perceives them self. Some culture-specific characteristics link together cultural conditions such as complexity, tightness, individualism, and collectivism. This brings us to individualism and collectivism.
Some cultures encourage individualism while other cultures encourage collectivism. In most collectivist cultures, people are interdependent within their group, whether it involves family, tribe, or nation (Suh ...

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...e from impulsive to organized. Personality traits become more stable as one ages.

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