Essay on The Culture And Lifestyle Of The Caribbean

Essay on The Culture And Lifestyle Of The Caribbean

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As someone who isn’t from the Continental United States originally, I imagined the differentiation of context regarding cultural perspectives and values would be very existent in correlation to what I had known as a Virgin Islands native. The culture and lifestyle of the Caribbean influenced the set of values I maintain, as during my raising they were the only ones implemented by my parents and supported by my environment.
The purpose of this paper is to explicate how our cultures have influenced us as individuals regarding perspectives, abilities, and qualities compared to how Asian principles have shaped the perspectives of their respective Chinese individuals. In completion of doing so, I plan to address how Americans can benefit by understanding the culture of our greatest lasting trading partner, China.
Aforementioned, the Caribbean, or respectfully West Indian culture influenced the three most critical values in my household. My parents often placed precedence on: respect, priority of education, and work ethic. The context of which these values were displayed heavily differs from that of what one would witness in the United States (more specifically, the South).
Respect in the Caribbean, especially the Virgin Islands, is very crucial. Because of the current nature of the islands regarding high crime and homicide rates, a lack of respect and understanding of Caribbean customs can result in a tragic situation. Respect can be displayed in many a scenario. A culture-specific example might entail walking into a doctor’s office and addressing the waiting patients with the phrase “Good mahning/aftanoon.” This phrase immediately allows locals to recognize someone as their own and is seen as a sign of respe...

... middle of paper ... between the U.S. and China. Initiating understanding and education of the Chinese culture would exhibit a discovered respect and in turn would allow for harmony between both nations regarding business, resulting in a good reputation and mutual reciprocation of both nations. These qualities would ensure for proper, even admirable, work ethic across relations.
Conclusively, by understanding Chinese values regarding relationships: reciprocal favor, harmony, and face, Westerners can learn to abide by the same morals. A mutual relation of trust and loyalty with the Chinese people could grant the U.S. opportunity to conduct better business, specifically regarding trading and manufacturing.
Individually, I can benefit from learning these Chinese values by utilizing them in aspiration of achieving long-term, patient and open relationships with the people around me.

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