Essay about Culture And Diversity Training Course

Essay about Culture And Diversity Training Course

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Culture and Diversity training course should be a part of all organizations and implemented at all levels. Organizations that participate in this type of training offer themselves and their employees many benefits that would be evident daily. Awareness is paramount to attaining set goals and objectives in creating a diverse workplace that thrives with morale and respect for others. However, this type of training should be implemented and enforced from the leadership of these organizations to the junior employee to be effective. Employees are more likely to embrace training that is important to their boss than not. This essay will elaborate on the importance of a Culture and Diversity training course in the workplace, the legal and ethical implications, demographics, standardizations and recommendations of this training course to be globally implemented.
Creating a training course that discusses culture it is very important that legally organizations are following the laws and regulations. When you are properly researching the laws and regulations before implementing a training course will prevent a major headache, costly expenses, and time-consuming legal disputes. In other words, organizations must ensure that they fulfill their legal duty to train (the minimal requirement), including enabling employees to have equal access to career-advancing training and technology (Luftman, 2011; Piskurich, 2010). According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (2013), the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits workplace discrimination based on religion, national origin, race, color, or sex. Making sure that employees are aware and educated on culture and diversity will prevent any civil actions or lawsui...

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.... The training provides “a building block approach, using instructional segments on intrapersonal awareness, interpersonal communications, and organizational behavior. The intent of this seminar is to raise senior leader awareness of personnel dynamics and incorporate participants personal and professional experiences in solving organizational issues, beginning with how values and prejudices are formed and acted out” (United States Army EO policy, 2016).
I encourage each organization to look inside of this great organization and adopt what we call Culture and Diversity training course. The amount of time and resources allocated for the training pays off tremendously. We look at the training as an investment in ourselves that provide great dividends. I believe culture and diversity are important topics because we all unique and different which what makes us great.

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