The Culture And Diversity Of Africa Essay

The Culture And Diversity Of Africa Essay

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In today’s world it is important to understand where we come from and to understand the opportunities that exists thru culture and diversity. With such an interconnected world we must be able to learn to communicate with individuals who come from a diverse set of cultures and traditions.
By having respect for diversity and having global awareness means that one can appreciate and respect someone’s personal and cultural differences. It also means that we are aware of diverse needs, feelings and views of other people around us. Having global awareness also allows us to have an understanding of issues in the world and how these issues impact society and people’s lives. When I think of my cultural biases towards Africa, many of my opinions have been formed due to the media. When we have limited information, it does not provide a fair impression or concept of how a place really is. For example, Africa is a continent however the news media refers to Africa as if it is one country and everything that occurs there is bad and people do not have an understanding about the diversity that exists within the continent. I am very familiar with TV news doing a story about a war or drought. I have even seen commercials with Red Cross workers asking for donations to support relief efforts.
Many stereotypes also exist about African Americans. Although the African American have made great progress since the days of slavery, the stereotypes that exist today are often accepted as the truth. It’s important that people are educated about the types of stereotypes that exist. We need to first understand our own prejudices and biases.
Initially, when I first thought what Africa was like, I imagine a place with jungles, diamond m...

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...f how events across the world have an impact on us here in the United States, for example political unrest in the Middle East is causing the price of gasoline to rise. Global awareness means that we should all be aware what is happening in our world that we all share. Africa has many problems and also faces many challenges. The more that we are aware, the more information we have to be able to contribute and support our existence on earth. Africa has 54 countries that have significant cultural differences which results in many different beliefs, practices and lifestyles. For many countries in Africa to move forward they will need to have the leadership to do so. Africa will need to have leaders who will ensure that power plants, water systems, road and schools are built and then many of the undeveloped and underdeveloped countries can then begin to move forward.

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