Essay Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices

Essay Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices

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According to Gay, culturally responsive teaching is employing previous experience, performance style of student, and cultural knowledge for the purposes of making learning more suitable and effective for students (Gay, 2000). In other words, culturally responsive teaching practice is using cultural experiences, perceptions of ethnically, and cultural features of student to facilitate when teaching. Furthermore, culturally responsive teaching practice teaches through and to the strength of students. Culturally responsive teaching practices is necessary in connecting the cultural knowledge of students, style of performance, and previous experience to the knowledge of academic with the goal of legitimizing what the students already know. Therefore, culturally responsive teachers teach cultures to their students, which help them in reflecting the communities that they come from and grew. The teacher plays an important role in mediating academic and social curriculum.
Culturally responsive teaching practices are approaches that focus on students by identifying their cultural strengths to promote sense of well-being and achievement. When building on students cultural and personal cultural strengths, it motivates them to be able to access previous knowledge and beliefs. In most cases, culturally responsive teacher builds the capacity of student to be able to handle complex problems. Therefore, by using new materials available students learn from what they know to a more complex experience. In addition, cultural comprehensive teacher understands and considers all the cultures represented in the classroom by knowing the students. It is necessary for a teacher to have students working together in small groups. However, there is need for cul...

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... sure that the images shown in the classroom covers a wide variety of gender, social class, place, age, and time (Palmer, 1998).

Finally, societal curriculum is vital in culturally responsive teaching practices because it contains the ideas, knowledge, impressions concerning ethnic group, and knowledge as portrayed in the mass media. Mass media such as magazines, television programs, movies, and newspaper are more than mere entertainment. In other words, mass media engages in ideological management, thus constructing knowledge that conveys particular advocacies, social, political values, and ethnic. Therefore, culturally responsive teaching practices ensure that all students from different ethnic background feels included in learning. As a result, this makes learning more enjoyable and interesting because it uses the cultural background of students (Banks, 2006).

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