Cultural Upbringing And Past Experiences Essay

Cultural Upbringing And Past Experiences Essay

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The amount of trust a client has in their counselor is going to be determined upon their world view (Sue & Sue, 2013). A persons world view is going to be shaped by their cultural upbringing and past experiences (2013). Counselors also need to understand that a clients locus of control and locus of responsibility is also going to be dependent upon their upon their upbringing and culture. For example American culture values self reliance and other cultures such as Asian cultures value collectiveness (2013). There is also the issue of oppression and discrimination that may leave a client feeling powerless, regardless of what they try to do. Counselors who are working with clients, such as these, may view their clients as lazy or lacking motivation, but in reality these clients have shaped their world view from past experiences. As counselors work with client they will want to keep this in mind and help the client to understand that they are not to blame, rather, they have been the victims of a racist society (2013). It’s equally important for counselors too be cautious about using traditional counseling methods as they work with minority clients, as traditional methods operate from the assumption of high locust of control and responsibility, and this could prove to be detrimental to minority clients (2013).

Based on the assessment I took, I have an internal locus of control (IC). Individuals who have an internal locus of control believe they are able to shape the events of their life (Sue & Sue, 2013). People with IC are realistic about barriers they may encounter and discrimination they may face, but believe they have the power to change and challenge these injustices (2013). As a counselor it’s important to be aware of your own ...

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...-culture training. From a behavioral perspective all behavior is learned and if it can be learned it can be unlearned (Sandu & Brown, 1996). Counselors who work with schools or communities can help educate people on Muslim culture and religion. It may also be beneficial to explain the unwarranted discrimination and prejudices that refugees have faced, not only in their own country, but now in America as well.

One of the best ways a counselor can be effective in advocating at a macro level is by raising public awareness. This can be done through holding training sessions, social media, other media outlets and even holding peaceful demonstrations (Lee & Rodgers, 2009). As counselors advocate in the form of media they should do this in the form of writing articles that challenge current policy or laws that are discriminating or causing harm to minority clients (2009).

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