Cultural Theory 's ' Non Deprivation ' Essay example

Cultural Theory 's ' Non Deprivation ' Essay example

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Cultural theory’s ‘non-deprivation’ is the final part of home factors that will be discussed and a major concept is by Bourdieu (1970) called cultural capital. Cultural capital is the skills and cultural knowledge children learn from their parents (cultural reproduction). Bourdieu thought that the dominant middle class culture was not superior to working class culture and it is simply that middle class culture have the power to define their own as more desirable and important. So this puts middle class children at an advantage because they have the right kind of cultural capital. Bourdieu claimed more cultural capital you have required, the more successful you will be so because of your advantage during education and life (CGP, 2016). So, dissimilarly to cultural deprivation theory, Bourdieu and other theorists in this area do not see working class culture as inferior or blame the working classes for the failure of their children as a consequence, equality for educational achievement could be attained by changes in societies views and schools. Secondly, the theory may be more relevant now with the establishment of Free Schools as Middle Class parents have the cultural capital for these schools to be set up. However, it is difficult to research and investigate some aspects of cultural capital theory, for example, how do you measure the effect of art lessons on educational achievement? Not only this but, research suggests material deprivation and economic capital are more important factors when explaining class differences in educational achievement (revisesociology, 2016).
School factors also play a major role in the underachievement of the working class. Labelling theory is the concept that says labels that are given to someone ...

... middle of paper ...

...thority will be used during their typically manual career as they will be answering to a boss throughout it. The concept of a hidden curriculum is deterministic as it suggests that individuals just accept these social values and norms without question, however, people have the freedom to choose to question or accept them, for example, many students rebel against these certain norms and values e.g. turning up late or being disruptive during class.
To conclude, although all are factors are significant, material deprivation seems like the most important issue to explain working class underachievement. This is because of the linking effects it creates, such as, if a working class student wanted to progress to more highly regarded work or higher education they would not have the financial safety net to be able to achieve, even if their family and or friends support them.

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