Essay on Cultural Rule : Hong Ulsu And Kang Pyongju

Essay on Cultural Rule : Hong Ulsu And Kang Pyongju

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Another thing that the cultural rule helped to benefit Hong Ulsu and Kang Pyongju was to provide them jobs that Koreans would never had before under Japan’s rule. The cultural rule not only helped in the expansion of schools which allowed Koreans more opportunities to gain advanced studies and more job options, but appointed more Koreans to civil services and judiciary, created advisory councils of carefully chosen Koreans, and nominally re-adjusted dual pay scale for bureaucrats. Again, Hong Ulsu met a kind Japanese person who became his boss when he work for him as an apprentice in which he was the one who helped him the most when he arrived in Japan, such as he provided meals for him, paid him his wages, and also paid for his schooling. The boss and Hong Ulsu has a close relationship because the boss treated him with such kindness in which later helped him even more by making him quit his job to study more and saved up all his raises and gave it to him as a bank account. This made Hong Ulsu’ life easier on him in which he could concentrate more on his schooling. This shows how complex Japanese and Korean interactions with each other are during this time period, because on one hand many people are experiencing extreme racism such as vulgar racism, while here a Japanese person is treating a Korean person with respect and kindness. This shows how nothing is black and white when interacting with people, however it can also be credited for this period of cultural rule and the government’s effort at assimilation with Koreans and Japanese. Kang Pyongju’s experience differs from Ulsu’s experience in which he did not have a close relationship with his business partner, however, the relationship he had with his work was subtle and affect...

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...d a threat even though it is hypocritical to believe that when Japan had a mass campaign to mobilize the Korean people in serving in the army and proving their loyalty to the country. It also shows that even when Japan attempted to unify the people together it was based on pretense because it was sort of propaganda for the Koreans to believe they are considered Japanese and are equal to the Japanese, in order for them to be used as cheap human labor for the war.
Hong Ulsu and Kang Pyongju although are part of the same class and have a similar generational background, their characterization are different through their relationships with people in the education field, business field, and security field where Ulsu has a more positive memory of the Japanese people who were kind to him while Pyongju did not have that experienced and had encountered racism and hardship.

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