Essay about Cultural Revolution : Another Kind Of Witch Hunt

Essay about Cultural Revolution : Another Kind Of Witch Hunt

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Nanxi Ai
Ms. Dickey
English 2
2 March 2015

Cultural Revolution--Another Kind of Witch Hunt
By human nature, people are greedy and selfish. Rulers around the world try to control their citizens as much as possible, even under different social settings and cultural backgrounds. In a “witch hunt,” leaders do not want unknown people taking over their power. In beginning, people just focused on searching for capitalist officers and leaders. Later, teachers, traders and rich people became the goal. The revolution continued for ten years, It made China outdated and poor for a several years, and damaged many cultural heritages, hurting the Chinese people. Obviously, China lost the best chance it had to be able to compete with other countries and stay on same starting point with other nations. However, many people still supported the revolution, started the Red Guard, and robbed many good people(David 371). The cultural revolution in China is another example of the witch hunt, people was oppressed and government does not function well to makes the society better.
First, the cultural revolution in China was very disruptive. like a witch hunt act, it impedes the development of society. During the cultural revolution, most of Chinese citizens were involved.Because of that, the social order was disturbed and no one focused on developing economy, education and military. For example, there were over 100,000 scholars persecuted and millions of people were persecuted in the violent struggle, including rich people and people who owned a lot of land. In addition, most of students quit school and joined in the Red Guard to help their leaders hunt down “capitalism”...

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