Essay on Cultural Policy And Cultural Policies

Essay on Cultural Policy And Cultural Policies

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In the 21st century, the country has changed laws to accommodate different cultures. We are a “melting” pot and must respect that our nation is forever changed and forever changing. To close our eyes to see this is like closing our minds that it is happening.
What is cultural policy? Cultural policy is defined as having a policy that identifies the differences in other cultures and how to incorporate those differences in all aspects of a person’s being. Cultural policy is connected to all the major issues of our society: economic stratification, race relations, international relations, technology, education, and community development. It happens at places ranging from a family’s dinner table to the boardrooms of national foundations, corporations, and public agencies. The choice of a family to educate their child in the language, traditions, and history of a particular ethnic group is cultural policy. A grant maker’s criterion for quality and excellence is cultural policy. A community development corporation’s decision to focus on cultural tourism or historic preservation is cultural policy. Cultural Policy is both a product and a process, a framework for making rules and decisions that is informed by social relationships and values. (Caron Atlas. Cultural Policy: What Is It, Who Makes It, Why Does It Matter? Retrieve March 2012 from
Why do we need to have a cultural policy? Without a standard of what is to be expected, people would do anything with total disregard for anyone and anything. Policy assists society to shift its thought process. In today’s society, the thought process is about cultural sensitivity and cultural diversity. Cultural diversity in the classroom is extrem...

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...s and culture (2001), America 's Cultural Capital, recommendations for structuring the Federal Role, Retrieved March 2012 from
In conclusion cultural diversity lends a greater willingness for the student to talk directly about differences helps builds trust, facilitates decision making and opens the way to compromise (Kamensk, 2007). America should again be the international hub for all to come to make their dreams come true. We have a plentiful bounty of resources that should be set in place and encouraged by others to use. We are a melting pot of rich history. Learning from one another should be at the top of our Cultural Policy. When this occurs then we make our society a more comfortable place not only for ourselves but for everyone seeking to come. This is the land of opportunity and we should lead by example.

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