Essay on The Cultural Melting Pot

Essay on The Cultural Melting Pot

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Instructional Setting
I am currently teaching in a Middle school setting with just over 800 student’s right around 400 per grade. The student body is comprised of 7th and 8th grade students. I only teach 8th grade students. I currently teach a general education P.E. class designed around the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) Standards. My classroom is a full sized gymnasium. I currently teach with one other P.E. teacher who covers the 7th grade. We are in the gym at the same time, her classes usually consists of about 20 to 25 students. We are a little cramped unless we coordinate activates that will not interfere with each other or we create activities for the whole of the student population in the gym.
Instruction Used
Idaho has adopted the NASPE standards which were developed to help all participants know and understand the baseline for which they will be tested. This in turn gives the teacher a basis for all activities preformed. The standards consist of 5 main standards and multiple objectives:
Standard 1: Skilled Movement
Standard 2: Movement Knowledge
Standard 3: Valuing a Physically Active Lifestyle
Standard 4: Personal Fitness
Standard 5: Personal and Social Responsibility

These five standards are what allows a student to pass from one grade to the next. For students to demonstrate a skilled movement they must be in conjunction with a game or activity that involves fundamental movements non-locomotor, locomotor and manipulative. (ISCS, 2010)
Movement knowledge is how it is done. Students must be able to create a checklist in their minds and ask themselves when running did the lead foot come forward, strike the ground role through and push off. Students must understand concepts tha...

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U.S. Department of Education. Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004 Part B (ages 3-21). Retrieved November 20, 2013, from

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