Essay on Cultural Management in Chile

Essay on Cultural Management in Chile

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Events nowadays, constitute one of the most exciting and fastest growing form of business, cultural development, and truisms. Festivals and events in general, are popular ventures to improve the tourism sector, indeed it is suggested that in this developed world, regions are looking to develop festival as a powerful tool to enhance cities and to reinforce also the identity.
Events are characterised for a temporary occurrence and uniqueness –planned or unplanned-, which makes them very appealing for the public and also is what makes them special and distinguish among the permanent institutions. Moreover, if a event doesn’t offer the customer something new or out of the ordinary, it become routine.
Going more deep into planned events, hallmark,and mega events are categorise as a planned public event, however they could be affected by unplanned events, due to their previous organisation with established programme, activities, marketing and sponsoring, etc. A cultural celebration could be presented in many ways, carnivals, parades, exhibitions, festivals and so on, which have different types interest. One of the more popular cultural celebration, and which this work is going to focus in, are festivals, its cultural management and how local community is involve. Festivals has this incredible quality, which has the condition to embrace a wide range of different cultural performance, not only entertainment and art but also sport and recreational even, among others.

Basis of Management
Festival have several management strategies that are needed in order to organise a successful event. This previous stage are taken by professionals or volunteer, corporation or nonprofit institutions. A full spectrum of opportun...

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