Cultural Knowledge On The Human Service Sector Essay

Cultural Knowledge On The Human Service Sector Essay

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Cultural Knowledge

Cultural knowledge touches on the importance of understanding client’s culture, during the interaction process, and not continuingly reinforcing stereotypes. Just like science, culture is constantly evolving one generation after another. What some conceptions about a certain culture were ten years ago might not be the same in today’s society. Furthermore, there are also subcultures within cultures and every family unit creates their own culture. The macro practice that I have observed throughout my internships and work in the human service sector is that stereotypes continue to be subtly reinforced. For example, some of the typical stereotypes that we hear and see constantly on the media are how minorities who come from Latin America are uneducated. In fact, some families that I have known and continue to work with do have an education higher than high school. The reason is because as social workers or clinicians at times do not have the time to learn the background of the client. Furthermore, when we are working in a setting where we collaborate with all family members in creating a better outcome for the client. As providers, we need to be knowledgeable about the family dynamic and be culturally knowledgeable based on the information given by the client and family members.
As providers when we have the notion that minorities are uneducated or have a lower educational level, we misunderstand the outcomes. What I have observed in the bigger context is the comparison between minorities and why some minorities are able to attend therapy, why they are more acceptable to treatment than others. I believe that at times the education the parent might have might possibly have an indication of how successfully the chi...

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...peak the language puts them at a disadvantage in math, although with math it’s a universal course. I am aware of this because of my sister and friends that I have had in the past, have moved back to Mexico and have been held back a year in math.
Power, privilege, and oppression continue to be well alive in all aspects of our lives whether it is in school or human service agencies. In human service agencies many times there is a lack of clinicians treating patients from minority groups. For example, clinicians are encouraged by evidence-based practice to collaborate with the client’s family unit for faster recovery. Unfortunately, when the client’s family speaks another language that intervention of collaborating with family members it terminates or sometimes they use a translator, however from what I have seen families are less interested in attending group therapy.

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