Essay on Cultural Interview : A Person Who Was Born

Essay on Cultural Interview : A Person Who Was Born

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In this paper I’m going to introduce to you a person who was born in
Russia, was living for a short period of time in Romania and now, he is living in the United States. His name is Eugen and I and my husband we met him here, in North Carolina. I will try to highlight what are his values regarding personal life, education, work, health, nutrition, socioeconomic status, religion and at the end I will try to explain how this interview helped me to better understand how to approach my patients, especially those who are coming from different cultures.
Like I said before, Eugen was born in Russia but for approximately ten
years he was living in Romania and now, he is living in the United State, Texas. He came in the United States by himself in 2004, when he was 24 years old. He found here a big Russia community and since then he is attending this community even working into a company where most of his coworkers are from Russia.
One day when Eugen visited us, I asked him if he wants to give me some times talking about his life, his beliefs, this points of view regarding health and illness, in other words to let me get an interview with him. One of my question in this interview was, what is his opinion about the circle of life,
birth, health/illness, death. He said, “I think the birth is one of the most important and beautiful phenomenon that exist in this world. Without birth we can’t talk about life and the rest of our interview doesn’t have any sens”.
Talking about health, Eugen thinks that it is very important to have a healthy life, to do everything you can to keep your health, having a balanced diet, doing sports or having outdoor activities. He thinks that is in our power to maintain our ...

... middle of paper ...

...nd he embraced some ideas about health and a healthy way to live

his life. I think this interview went well for me and for Eugen . There was not any point too difficult to be discuss to any of us.
I personally come from a different culture and I can understand very
well how hard it is sometimes to make yourself understood by those around you, especially when you get in the hospital, you are not familiar with medical terms and also, with medical techniques. From this interview I realized ones again how important is to be patient with persons you have to care for, to find ways to reach their heart, to make you understand even when the languages are different, to respect the person in front of you, respecting their habits, their faith, not to be judgmental, but to be understanding and cooperative, thereby making a difference in somebody else life.

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