The Cultural Image Of The Virgin Mary Essay

The Cultural Image Of The Virgin Mary Essay

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I Dream the World
The one cultural image that has constantly grabbed my attention would be of the Virgin Mary. It is not unusual to go into a Catholic Spanish family’s home and see a statue or portrait of the image of the Virgin Mary. She represents so much courage and the only sacred mother that has represented what it means to withstand suffering. For me, the Virgin’s image has always made me feel humbled and childlike. The Virgin Mary has been a constant image that has been portrayed in all of the places I have lived in growing up and still remains this way, in my home. She has been the image I have seen in my family members’ homes and especially in my grandmother’s home, when she was still alive. She was the icon that we would stare at, once we caught a glimpse of her either on a wall or on top of a shelf, while attempting to hold an idle conversation as if though we would have two dialogues, one in our mind with the Virgin Mary and a literal one with the person you came to visit, for instance.
I didn’t really begin to appreciate her as I do now, until I became a mother myself. I began to notice her in a more distinct manner and with more interest. I felt I could relate to her better.
When I begin to dialogue with her in my mind, I notice my heart has the sensation to plead with her in urgency to listen to me tell her what is going on in my life. My mind desires to connect with her spiritually so that I can make a deeper connection that does not allow any interference from the outside world. I consider my dialogue with the Virgin to be a sacred moment that I should hold those few minutes with her. It is not by obligation that I hold these few moments as sacred, it is by choice for the respect and admiration I have for her...

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...o I felt have hurt me.

I miss talking to her in my mind, when I am so busy with daily life. I don’t always have an opportunity to spend some time by myself and her image, to willingly offer my reverence. Somehow she makes me notice her in a classroom where I am asked to meditate, which I have recently discovered she is my spiritual guide, even I cannot see her face in my meditative state. Her image appears while I daydream many times, when I walk past her statue in my house, while running down the stairs in a hurry. Almost telling me that she is sending me with her blessings. I like to imagine she is telling me to remember that I am not alone and to have courage-she is there with me. I smile at this thought because I feel the strong energy she gives me, or I take from her. I can hear her say-never give up-even if it seems too much to bare-I have to keep going.

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