Essay about Cultural Identity Has Shaped Me As A Person

Essay about Cultural Identity Has Shaped Me As A Person

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My parents have always tried to make sure that my siblings and I had a strong understanding of our culture, ironically I have never really thought about my cultural identity and how it has shaped me as a person. I also did not think about my definition of cultural identity until I was in this class. To me cultural identity are the sub cultures that create who you are, some cultures you can choose to be apart of such as religion, and region and others you can’t change because they are either physically or biologically apart of you but you can choose whether to accept them or not. I also feel that becoming aware and accepting is an important part in understanding your own cultural identity.
Being the child of a mother who was taught to fight at a young age, made my parents wanted my siblings and I to hold on to our innocence for as long as we could. This became a challenge when we started school because we went to our neighborhood school which was predominantly white. The first couple of years were good because we were young and all that mattered was playing, but around second grade was when kids started to say derogatory names and started believing Stereotypes that they were taught forced my parents to teach me about racism and to truly realize my ethnic and racial identity. It wasn 't that I was color blind or didn 't notice my skin color but as a 7 year old it was something I did not think about.
My experience going to this school made being Black a salient identity for me because it made me learn more about my culture and although the experience was negative, it made me proud of who I was at a very young age. While becoming more aware of my ethnic and racial identity I also started to understand my Hyphenated American titl...

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...ove my hair and I want to show others that I love the way I was made. I also like to change my hairstyle every couple months because I enjoy seeing how versatile my hair can be and additionally it adds to my confidence.
I strongly believe that I because I have unmasked and defined the aspects of my own cultural identity, I have the courage to communicate with others. Since I have become self-assured within my cultural identities I have been able to help people who are experiencing the same emotions I did. I have helped friends and also other young women to accept and feel passionate about their identities. I also believe that because I have experienced being mistreated on account of my culture, it has made me want to learn about other cultures and people identities so that I will never make anyone feel similar to the way I did in the past about my own identities.

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