Cultural Identity : A Multicultural Environment Essay

Cultural Identity : A Multicultural Environment Essay

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To understand how someone’s cultural identity, values and beliefs may impact and or conflict their professional interactions and practice we should firstly comprehend what ‘culture’ means. Culture can be explained in many ways, although some believe it is the knowledge given from previous generations. A system of beliefs and values within a society can also be ones definition of culture. Therefore our cultural identity can have a impact on the way we care for our patients, in that delivering care across such a wide variety of cultures requires mind-fullness, respect, and acceptance overall. The elements that stem from our cultural identity come from our family, history, life experience, education and Social class. Our identity, is the way we view ourselves. Everyone has a cultural identity, although it may be difficult to pinpoint, they are diverse, relating to their cultural traits, values and beliefs (Crisp & Taylor, 2008).
Australia is a multicultural environment, where the immigration rates have increased significantly (omeri and raymond). In saying this, the importance of delivering safe and culturally mindful care in a multicultural health setting is paramount (omeri and raymond).
I will further discuss in detail how my cultural identity, values and beliefs and the derived elements have produced what I believe to be a safe and effective interaction in healthcare.

One of my personal cultural value’s that has helped defined the person I am today would be the support and love my family have provided. They have given me the education and guidance to be open-minded and accept all different cultures and their beliefs. (Geri-Ann Galanti)
I am half Italian half Australian,I would say i am more italian than Australian, as i feel...

... middle of paper ... therapy and dance can decrease a patients agitation, social isolation, anxiety but most important increased good mood, elevate pain and thus quality of life. Music can play a important role in identitfying someones cultural identity, previous life experiences can be triggered through reminiscing Being healthy doesn’t mean without disease, but having physical, mental and social wellbeing in which i believe can be sustained through dance and music therapy (omeri and raymond).

There has been numerous life experiences that have contributed to the person i am today, from family support, friends health and dancing history. These experiences have helped shape the nurse and person i am, to be empathetic to others, culturally aware and find positive views in all has provided a professional solid ground to interact and manage conflict that may arise in my career.

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