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Cultural Funeral Practices Essay

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Globally, people celebrate or mourn the passing of loved ones in different ways. Because these traditions are engrained in cultural practices, some may not understand the reasons for death rites of passage. However, monetary challenges in reproducing these traditions can cause a change in tradition. This report addresses the different funeral traditions and offers a solution in the event of financial challenges.
Throughout history our primordial ancestors have believed in the after life. Such beliefs entail processes like burials and ceremonies, which some believed were used to be used in the afterlife or to be recovered in a later reincarnation. As Vicki Lensing cites Despelder and Strickland:
Research indicates that as far back as 50,000 years ago, man exhibited concern for the dead. Neanderthal burials included food, ornamental shells, and stone tools. This implied a belief in the afterlife and a concern about life, death, and the rituals that connected the two. Other ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans also demonstrated beliefs and rituals about death and an afterlife (2001).
Because these beliefs originated in antiquity, one may question the nature of these beliefs. The way of thinking 50,000 years ago was quite different from modern man. According to the late author and psychologist Julian Jaynes, there was no consciousness within man then. Man was vulnerable to auditory senses and hallucinations, the only sense that can not be irreversibly shut off. When analyzing the bicameral mind, primordial thought was completely centered in the
right-brain (Jaynes, 1967). When examining tradition, it is important to question the origins; for they may not prove useful ...

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