The Cultural Frontier Of Our Native Country Essay

The Cultural Frontier Of Our Native Country Essay

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When the idea of a country is birthed, multiple factors are taken into consideration. Geographical location is essential for things such as agriculture and preservation. Economic sustainability and eminence is important for monetary and fiscal advancements, as well as preventing national exploitation on a global level. One of the final major factors taken into consideration is a theological foundation. The source from which many countries acquire their philosophical/moral convictions is a theological substructure. Justin Webb and Kevin Connolly, two British Broadcasting Corporation reporters, briefly delve into the evident fundamentals of American religion.
As mortal human beings we are naturally drawn towards pursuing something extraterrestrial. We compile our own personal ideas along with collection of other ideas that we gathered from outside sources. Justin Webb, a BBC reporter, spent several years exploring the cultural frontier of our native country. He used the illustration of real-estate agent to exemplify the euphoric sensation that is accompanied by residing in America. Deeper into His Article He goes on to describe his perception of the “Stone-Age Superstitions” that still are animate today.
Webb recounts His awareness of an eleven-year-old girl suffering from type-one diabetes. His bias towards this particular case was fueled by an emotional attachment to His son who was diagnosed with a similar form of diabetes earlier in his life. Webb states, “Her family, for religious reasons, decided not to take her to hospital. They prayed by her bedside and the little girl died.” Webb’s spiteful distain for the parental decision about the little girl’s health gave Him reasonable evidence for a distaste in American religion. H...

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... larger than any other nation in the world. With our overly-welcoming kindness, and our abundance of exploratory foods, America is a place where freedom is etched into it’s entirety. Even though He states his derogatory view above, Justin Webb makes the point about religion that, “after more than seven years living here, I am increasingly convinced that these elements of the nation are not the flip side of the greatness of America, they are part of that greatness.” The attractive thing about America is that even if you are wrong you are right. Unlike other countries, the safety America provides allows you to delve into yourself and find what is right for you. For some people religion is right for them. For others it is seen as foolish and unnecessary. Either way you are given the opportunity to adopt a philosophy as your own, and that is the authenticity of America.

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