Cultural Features Of My Cultural Background Essay

Cultural Features Of My Cultural Background Essay

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Jamie Ingram
Cultural Repertoire Paper
Over the years, I feel that my cultural background has generally stayed the same, with just a few changes, as I get older. At first, I had a difficult time thinking of my cultural background, but after doing the activities in class I have found it much easier to identify different aspects of my cultural background.
I have felt very privileged to be an American, and as I get older I learn to appreciate that more and more each day. We are given such great opportunities with education and future career options that I could not be more thankful for part of my culture being that I am an American. I have been raised with values that I know to be very one sided in the sense that many responses I have gotten from my father as to why things were done the way they were done has been because “that is the American way.” I feel very privileged to have grown up in such an amazing country and I feel more than proud every day to be an American. Another cultural identity that I associate myself with has been being a sister, I have an older sister at home and over the years we have grown to appreciate each other more and more, realizing the importance of family. However, when I came to Bowling Green 3 years ago, I also joined a sorority and I became a sister to 81 other girls from many surrounding states. I began to cherish my relationship with my sister much more, but I also learned so much about these other girls I now call my sisters. It was such a weird concept to me at first, but I have realized that it is such a unique experience as well; it has allowed me to learn so much about others as well as myself. However, with the title of being in a sorority, it has also been a bit of a challenge. When I would...

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...d the terrorist culture is partly due to my father and his views that he has imposed on me that started when the war in Iraq broke out years ago. My grandfather fought in WWII and my uncle fought in Vietnam, so we have always been a family that has supported the war efforts and supported the United States in these hard times. I do not feel comfortable around terrorists because I do not agree with what they have done to our country and I feel that this is a strong opinion that I have.
I am very proud to be able to connect myself to such important aspects of culture as well as call these aspects part of my own personal cultural identity. As I get older, the more I learn to appreciate just how important the little things are in my life that have made me who I am today. I am very proud of where I came from and very proud to identify myself with such aspects of culture.

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