Cultural Factors Of American Aesthetics Essay

Cultural Factors Of American Aesthetics Essay

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An interesting topic that came about from the conversation with the respondent was cultural factors of American aesthetics. In particular, exterior home appearance and functioning. Our interviewee stated, “I do not have any particular interest in the aesthetics of a square green patch that you know, the American suburban home has.” This statement recognizes the belief that American culture in particular, suburban culture, does have an apparent view on the way lawns and home exteriors should be presented, as “square green patches” that might be valued higher in appearance than biological functioning. Supposing that our respondent is familiar or has encountered individuals with this mindset, allows us to infer that these values still exist and are present in the area of the John Street Watershed. Furthermore, cultural barriers such as home exterior aesthetics are hard to be overpassed or challenged. This can cause conflicting issues with city council when proposing a divergence from traditional exterior assemblage to the utilization of rain barrels, rain gardens, or permeable pavements. However, the interviewee’s response also demonstrates that it is possible to diverge from these cultural aesthetics. Understanding why or how a divergence from cultural norms has occurred can be critical for enticing other individuals to convert to green infrastructure. Additionally, when referencing traditional lawn use our respondent states, “It seems that the typical lawn, Uh, is a huge drain on people 's time and energy and expenses, I think there are other things that can make a home equally attractive or more attractive than doing that.” Although not directly stated it is inferred that the interviewees response, regarding lawn use, could have...

... middle of paper ... the flooding caused in the watershed with larger scale issues and applying that familiarity to the flooding in the John Street watershed. Likewise, he also emphasizes that although small scale solutions (such as green infrastructure) are viable and have good potential in addressing larger scale environmental concerns, they have a minimal impact if “we” as a nation, state and community are not on board. The reference to a lack of unity, can suggest that the interviewee feels or sees that not everyone in the watershed is on board with green infrastructure improvements or is fully aware of the flooding issues in the community. Overall, it can be concluded that there might be a correlation between outside knowledge and the level of awareness and motivation of individuals within the John Street Watershed to partake in alternative approaches when addressing flooding.

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