Essay about Cultural Expectations Shape The Way Men And Women Act

Essay about Cultural Expectations Shape The Way Men And Women Act

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Gender Roles

Cultural expectations shape the way men and women act on a daily basis . These expectations are better known as gender roles. Gender roles are a type of guideline that a man or woman is expected to follow in society . Two of the most seen gender roles are that men are supposed to pay on the first date and that females are supposed to dress conservatively on the first date . Gender roles go into much more complexity than that though . Each individual 's gender roles are shaped by cultural expectations and these roles vary from each culture . Gender roles were created to help the individual throughout their life and to act as a guideline so the individual can grow up to be an extraordinary human being by acting the correct way .
Males have gained the title of “ Man of the house”. Being the man of the house is a very well known gender role for males to be given . Being the man of the house means the male is in charge of the household decisions and most importantly the financial status .This is a lot of pressure for a male to hold because if he does not have a college degree the chances are he will not be making a lot of money , but still has to provide for the family . In Brotherly love , Udayan and Subbhash’s father worked at 19 to support his family and worked very long hours ( Lahiri, Brotherly Love ) . He did not have an education so it was very important that his children went to college so they did not need to work as hard. Even though they aren 't expected to work as hard , they are still expected to provide just as much financially. It is up to the individual male to somehow make up the money and find a way to make it by and to make sure the family is eating and has the necessities to make sure the f...

... middle of paper ... pura and was always getting on her about the way she dressed or how she ate” ( Diaz, The Pura Principle) . When Pura used to be in Mamis sight , Mami would ignore her. Without thinking about it , Mami performed her female gender role shaped by the culture she was brought up in and that was to be protective over the males in the family.
Gender roles have been apparent in culture forever and will continue to . In today 's world , many are challenging gender roles and feel as if there should be no such thing. It is now believed that gender roles should not exist and men and woman can do exactly the same things all of the time and act however they desire. Culture is constantly evolving and if gender roles evolve out of culture the change could be negative for the future . Gender roles are vital to guide individuals to grow to be unique and respectful human beings .

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