Cultural Diversity Within Canada And The Workplace Of A Particular Country

Cultural Diversity Within Canada And The Workplace Of A Particular Country

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The term ‘diversity ‘refers to all of the significant differences between people, including perceptions of differences that need to be considered in particular situations and circumstances such as our thinking styles or beliefs and value (managing cultural diversity) .A population is made of several different people and therefore they have their own unique cultures which create huge impact on the society and the workplace of a particular country. Society is becoming more diverse due to increased cross-border mobility, less-rigid gender roles, improved living standards and individualization processes. Canada has one of the most diverse population as it can be analyze from the fact that One out of five people in Canada 's population is foreign-born (statistic Canada). Every one living in Canada is a stakeholder that contributes towards the cultural diversity in Canadian society and they have to deal with the people who belong to other cultures, therefore it’s the responsibility of everyone to give respect to each other’s culture. As there are numerous people in Canada who belong to different countries tries to follow their own cultures and beliefs for example if we take Indian culture we will be able to see that there is not as much freedom given to women’s as in western culture. In south East Asia there is a trend of arrange marriages and women usually do not work, where as in Canada, women’s are free to choose their own soul mate and also like to work to make their living better. Nowadays families from south East Asia in Canada tries to adopt some aspect of the western culture as it gives more freedom and power to women, as we can see increasing trend of love marriages and working women’s amongst the east Indian family. Many immig...

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...ties also benefits the people who are in majority inform of better society and better working conditions. Non-government organization and unions are the groups that work to make a cultural diverse society and workplace better. They try to Protect and promote diversity of cultural expression. Many NGO`s try to reduce the gap between the different groups by arranging such events that have the involvement of people who belongs to different cultures in this way people would be able to know the other culture and get closer to each other as a community thus creating a good impact on the society. Moreover there can be seen many workers UNIONS that help to tackle the problem of diversity in the workplace for example they keep an eye on the management and raise voice against any discrimination against the workers which helps to maintain a good environment in the workplace.

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