Cultural Diversity in Health Care Essay

Cultural Diversity in Health Care Essay

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The 21st century is the era of technology and modernization. Through extremely efficient and rapid communication systems, businesses are being conducted across the globe from one single point of command and coordination. Through strong and reliable networks, it is very easy for a person to be in one corner of the world in the morning and in the other corner in the evening. Processes are becoming more and more effective and efficient and the world is coming closer as if it were a global village. This phenomenon is called globalization.
Earlier, it was very rare for people to go live in a foreign country and work. Nowadays, it’s the story of every other person. It doesn’t matter anymore if the job opportunity is from their hometown or from halfway across the world. All people look for is good living and working conditions and opportunities to grow further. Due to this factor, the existence of one single culture in a society is diminishing fast and most societies have turned into multicultural environments where people belonging to various cultures co-exist.
Multicultural society is a very positive aspect of globalization and like it exists in every walk of life in the present day world, it exists in the healthcare industry too. Be it the doctors working in a hospital, the nursing staff, the administration of the health institutions or be it the patients coming for treatment, multiculturalism is evident everywhere. Especially in the developed countries of the world where people from all parts of the world come in search of better jobs and standard of living, people from all nationalities, races, ethnicities, religions and colors are found in the healthcare industry. Although the healthcare industry, like all other aspects of the so...

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...ould be taught the differences between cultures and things and gestures that might have completely opposite meanings in different cultures. Such trainings should not be a one-time course. They should rather be a continuous process that is carried out at organizations at regular intervals.
 Governments should also carry out movements from time to time to make masses aware of the cultural differences and to induce acceptability. There can be clubs and other bodies that could be responsible for this job only, i.e. to induce cultural acceptability among the masses and to reduce conflicts and hostilities.

These and many other steps can be taken in order to minimize the problems that arise due to cultural diversity and to increase harmony among people from various cultures living together so that the future world that we’re heading to, is a better place to live in.

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