The Cultural Diversity in Canada: Chinese Canadians Essay examples

The Cultural Diversity in Canada: Chinese Canadians Essay examples

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Chinese Canadians
Canada is known for being the country filled with all different type of people from all around the world. The community that I have chosen to look in depth is Canadian Chinese.
The demographics for this community are the majority of Chinese population residing in Canada was born outside the country, 60% of the Chinese population has no religious affiliation, and 89% of Chinese population has strong knowledge in one of Canada’s national language. The importance of these demographics is they show how the Chinese community has evolved in many years and how they have changed or one can say fit into Canadian society. Majority of Chinese population was born outside Canada; this is important as its shows that how this community even coming from a whole different country have come together with other communities to do better things. 60% of Chinese have no religious affiliation; this shows that even though all Chinese don’t have religious affiliation, they still come together with their community on special occasions. 89% of Chinese population is strong in one of the Canadian language; this shows that this community is trying to keep a relationship with society by learning to communicate in their language. In conclusion, this community evolving and fitting into this society and trying to maintain a relationship with the society.
Prejudice means dislike, hostility, or unjust behavior deriving from unfounded opinions. Every community has faced some type of discrimination or prejudice towards them based on pointless reasons. It’s easy to say something but it takes someone who’s been through it to understand. Chinese community has faced many prejudice acts towards but the one no one can forget is anti-Asian sentiment that was...

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... traditions into its culture. I would test this hypothesis by obtaining well-rounded information about the community through out the large population and especially characteristics/traits.
• Statistics
• Polls
• Interviews
• Testimonials
Primary Sources:
• Research Reports
• Biographies
• Personal records
• Mass media (Produced during the time of the events)
Secondary Sources:
• Magazine Articles
• Journal Articles
• History books
• Commentaries
• Essay
To make this report bias free, I would make sure:
• Information is collected form a reliable source
• Carry on with results of the data (Not make any changes)
• No unreliable answers for any question would not be included
• Interviews are conducted with someone who us reliable source of events that took place or was part of the situation
All these steps would be taken to provide a bias free report.

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