Cultural Diversity And Its Impact On Society Essay

Cultural Diversity And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Perspectives are thoughts and points of views we all conceive. We as humans tend to create our own perspectives of countless things in life that can be considered right to have or can be considered wrong. Some are more prone to have open-minded perspectives, while others can be very close-minded. To live in a world in which diversity surrounds us I think it is important to understand what makes us all different by our beliefs, values, and goals. Considering the fact we are all unique and different, our culture has a great impact of who we all are. In order to learn the concept of cultural diversity of this world is so grand and extremely important; it allows us to not only see how people do things different from our own norm, but also gives us an outlook on cultures we might know little to none about. Ignorance is bliss, yet can hinder one’s ability to really understand different religions that are tied into the cultures of people.
Islam has been one of the most misunderstood and stereotyped faiths by people for centuries. For this very reason, I decided to pick option #4 to discuss and research on, with regards of how misconceptions are done quite often, specifically with the Islamic culture and belief. The teachings of Islam can be interpreted in many different ways as well as practiced. Many are unaware of Judaism and Christianity is hand and hand with the Islamic faith, helping to shape one another. Thus, breaking stereotypes is going to be my goal with this course project. This particular topic, I was drawn to for multiple reasons, but more specifically for one main reason.
In high school, I was best friends with a girl whose faith was Islam. I watched and witnessed first-hand her be misunderstood by what she believed, and...

... middle of paper ...

...the majority will claim this to be true. And for society to believe and accept people of this culture more I think it is wise to learn about. We propose to analyze Islam 's ideational relation in three stages: that which pertains to Judaism and Christianity, that which pertains to the other religions, and that which pertains to religion as such and hence to all humans, whether they belong to any or no religion. It shouldn’t be our job to judged others and believe that others are bad based on ignorant views. We should love one another and realize that no faith, race, or gender is superior to the other. We learn from one another and grow and create great things harmoniously without stereotypes. To have equality and true equality with each other we must be educate on things we do not know before placing pre dispositions. It’s time to be equal and take a stand for this.

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