Cultural Diversity And Its Effect On Society Essay

Cultural Diversity And Its Effect On Society Essay

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The concept of cultural diversity is found in various aspects of life, and it continues to live all around us. For instance, in China, people are allowed only to have a baby, but in other countries, no restrictions are placed on raising children. Moreover, many restaurants serve hot tea instead of water in Hong Kong, but in other societies, this cultural act is considered bizarre. Admittedly, these differences are very interesting because they are the main source of creating unique identities, and without them life is going to be very tedious, and people won’t be able to learn new concepts and develop their identities. In fact, a diverse culture is not only found in countries and nations but also in education, organizations, and so on. Indeed, the prevalence of the cultural differences in our lives upholds the fact that cultural diversity has countless benefits that affect people’s performance in various directions. All in all, ethnic inclusiveness enhances group functioning at work, promotes academic achievement for students, and boosts equality.
For an organization to reach its utmost success, it has to be culturally diverse to both influence its targeted market and its employees. First of all, it is very essential to have employees from different backgrounds because they will start to accept the fact that there are different points of view, and also they will learn how to manage to work, all together, as a group without quarreling; in other words cultural diversity will enhance group functioning. Furthermore, multiculturalism makes an organization not only focus on a single market but also open to other various markets. In fact, a study has been conducted, and it perfectly proves the pros that cultural diversity has on ...

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... all members of the society think more of social unity and justice and try to implement these two concepts in their nations (Banks, 2004).
To sum up, one should never underestimate the power of cultural diversity because it positively affects all aspects and members of the society. Indeed, exposed to people with different backgrounds at an early age, students will accept the concept of different points of view and tastes in their society. Consequently, on the long run, this will enhance the society’s performance because those who are raised to be leaders, workers and family members are used to the fact that differences in cultures are beneficial. In a nutshell, instead of just abiding by our own beliefs and values, we have to be open to all other cultural aspects because success is not based on a single component; it is based on a set of different ingredients.

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