Cultural Diversity : A Good Man Is Hard And Find By Flannery O ' Connor Essay

Cultural Diversity : A Good Man Is Hard And Find By Flannery O ' Connor Essay

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Cultural diversity in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

“A Good Man is Hard to Find” is a 1953 short story by Flannery O 'Connor. There are a lot of literal techniques that the author uses in order to make sure that the story has the desired effect on the audience, but realism and cultural adaptation standout from the lot. O’Connor heavily relies on information from his own cultural setting to forge out characters and the plot of the story, which increases the purpose and relevance of “A Good Man is Hard to Find.” Among the social issues that the story captures so well is multicultural diversity. One this that remains ever-present in the history of mankind is culture. Different communities and individuals however embody different cultures and Flannery O 'Connor looks to capture this variation on literature. In his story, he deploys a number of themes that are directly related to cultural values and the way that societies around the world are set up. It is important to note the fact that, the main aim of doing so is to ensure that the audience can identify with his work and use it as a source of personal guidelines on how to approach multicultural context and the responsibility that people have towards these contexts (Morris 76). Suffice to say that, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” satisfactorily exemplifies the rising significance of being socially tolerant and the nature of cultural diversity in the society.
One of the themes that the author uses is the conflicted understanding of a “good man.” Throughout the story, it is apparent that there is no automatic, or universally prescribed definition of a good man. For instance, the grandmother lauds the gentleman who trusts other people to fuel up their own cars despite being defrauded. The...

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...tory, people define the term “good man” in different ways. However, the intricate symbolism embodied in there allows for interpretation to mean different cultures approach life differently. The same is evident in the second theme of the story, which seeks to underline the fact that people should not create conflicts because of variations in the way that they view the society. This is because of the way that legitimacy to objects and subjects are attached in a multicultural social order. From the two themes, I have had a chance to learn what is expected of me as a functional part of a multicultural society. This includes demonstrating the highest level of cultural flexibility and making sure that I understand the world from more than one perspective, which enables me to appreciate the way that other people attach validity to their work.

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