Essay The Cultural Dimensions Theory by Professor Geert Hofstede

Essay The Cultural Dimensions Theory by Professor Geert Hofstede

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Hofstede’s Value Dimensions
According to World Speaking, after examining the actions between civilizations, Professor Geert Hofstede created the cultural dimensions theory. He constructed the model based on four primary cultural elements: power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism/collectivism, masculinity/femininity, and long-term/short-term orientation. Each of these dimensions holds a different cultural value that is common around the world. Hofstede ranked Indonesia on the first four of these dimensions. Comparing Indonesia with the United States demonstrates two large differences, a similarity, and a small disparity. (Geert Hofstede and Cultural-Dimensions Theory)
Power Distance
The degree to which people consent to and presume the inequalities amongst each other in the nation refers to the cultural value dimension of power distance. With a score of 78, Indonesia has a high power distance. Society relies on the chain of command; they recognize the disparity of privileges amid authority and low ranks. Leaders command and assign and are unapproachable, demanding, and esteemed. With concentrated command, the managers rely on compliance and the personnel anticipate direction and assignment. The score of power distance in the United States is fairly low at just 40 on this scale. A great inconsistency between the countries is apparent; because the US does not adhere to power at the degree which Indonesia does, this may be a problem area for the team. In the US, superiority is present but available, unlike Indonesia, and also count on personnel for proficiency. (What about Indonesia?)
Uncertainty Avoidance
How a civilization handles uncertainty and the unknown future and the magnitude to which they sense endan...

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...suits or skirts and blouse for women” while also respecting the Muslim culture by avoiding tight-fitting and skin-revealing apparel (Business Culture in Indonesia). The climate requires lightweight clothing to endure the high temperature and moisture of Indonesia. The ordinary dress is suitable for typical business sessions while a more relaxed and casual attire is appropriate for later gatherings. (Business Culture in Indonesia)
Everyday Living

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