The Cultural Differences Of The American Society Essay

The Cultural Differences Of The American Society Essay

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The first, and most important step, for the teacher in embracing the cultural differences is acknowledging his or her current beliefs and misconceptions about the varying cultures. The American society has racism and prejudice built into the system in many ways that Americans don’t even see: media portrayals, job statuses, and cultural cliques to name a few (Martinez, 2012). Often times, this results in prejudice viewpoints without intention or awareness. But, in order for a teacher to effectively teach, he or she must become of aware of his or her own prejudices and work to correct them. If not, those ideas will certainly come out in what the teacher teaches. The teacher also cannot simply pretend the culture differences don’t exist; “cultural blindness” gives the idea that one is unseen, invisible, and unimportant (Rychly and Graves, 2012). The teacher must begin to welcome the differences, believe that students from all backgrounds have the desire to learn and, therefore, set high expectations for each student (Brown, 2007 and Harmon, 2012).
Once the teacher has addressed his or her own issues, they become capable of gaining knowledge about the different cultures without a bias so they may teach for and about those cultures. The next step is that the teacher begin to study and learn about the various cultures. Brown (2007) explains that “the knowledge educators need goes beyond mere awareness, respect, and recognition or the fact that ethnic groups have different values…teachers must develop a knowledge base by acquiring detailed factual information.” In addition, many researchers explain that the knowledge must go beyond the differences in holidays or food, which is what is seen in most classrooms. The resources are...

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...evelop new ones, they will explore ways to promote change in society (Harmon, 2007). However, teachers can also help students move along in that direction by placing students in work groups with various culture groups being represented in each group. This helps each student learn to work with people from a different lifestyle as opposed to continuing their belief that it is impossible to work with someone who’s different. Teachers may also choose to discuss similarities between many groups to help students see that they aren’t so different (Banks et al., 2001). When those students leave school to enter the workforce, they will have already developed the idea that a different culture does not inherently equal negative connotations thus enabling them to work with various cultures and break down the walls of discrimination that have been built in the American society.

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