Cultural Differences: Education in Japan Vs The USA Essay

Cultural Differences: Education in Japan Vs The USA Essay

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Culture: our internalized beliefs, values, and behaviors we learn to function as a member in society. Culture is everything we pick up on as we grow up, all the little things we never even notice that we do. It can be as apparent as the type of clothing you wear or as subtle as how you interact with others. There are many cultural differences between the United States and other societies around the world. Defined, society is a group of people with the same learned behavior, or culture. Every country, city, and even neighborhoods can have their own traditions and culture that is entirely different from one other. This being said, generally, after being consistently exposed to certain traditions, people find it very difficult to adapt to another tradition or culture. This reluctance to easily adjust to different cultures, and to not judge them negatively, can potentially create vast barriers between people of different cultures. Quite often, people refuse to accept other’s cultural views, because they are so different. In this paper, I will be comparing the educational systems in Japan and the United States, including the importance of education, expectations of students, and xxxxxx .
One dominate difference in education in Japan and the U.S. is the value and emphasis of education in these two cultures. Although it is evidently clear that both Japan and American cultures place importance on education, the way in which each country stresses education may be a topic of difference. Cross-cultural studies show that Japanese parents are extremely encouraging of their children to learn from early age, but it is also instilled in these children that education is the whole foundation for all of their success in life. In the Japanese culture...

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.... In Vietnam, if a student does not turn in their homework, the teacher can determine whether to call their parents or physically spank the student in front of the class. Japanese students are instructed to sit quietly and listen, answer only when asked, and reply only correct answers. Once students go to a university, their grades will determine their future career.

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