Essay on Cultural Differences Between The United States And Cuba

Essay on Cultural Differences Between The United States And Cuba

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Contrast of Cultural Differences between the United States and Cuba

I selected Cuba as the contrast country with The United States for several reasons. The first reason is that I have had personal interest in Cuba and its potential economic possibilities as a Caribbean Island for American tourist. Secondly, this seemed like a good opportunity for me to dig into the history of Cuba and its relation to the United States. The final reason for selecting Cuba was my misconception that there would be plenty of information to draw from. This naïve misconception has caused me some frustration in finding the necessary information to make a quick contrast between the two countries. I began my research with the Cuban missile crisis in mind as the “volatile” situation. However, as I have read and gathered information I plan to use our current economic trade relations as the “volatile” situation. The years of trade sanctions against Cuba by the United States, since the Cuban Missile Crisis, have caused some very deep rooted and bitter relations between the two countries. I believe that with some cultural awareness and open dialogue between the two countries we may be able to overcome a relatively short history of bitter relations.
I would like to begin with Individualism / Collectivism as the primary cultural difference between the two countries. It seems to me to be the most obvious and largest hurdle for each to overcome about the other. The United States scores very high in individualism, according to Hofstede. This means that the United States is more of a loose knit society with each person responsible for themselves. Contrasting this with Cuba, which is a socialistic society acting more collectively minded and being train...

... middle of paper ... that with each passing year the tension and animosity will grow. The resentment of the US by Cuba will continue to grow. It is time for some changes between the two countries.
I believe that that with some cultural awareness and open dialogue between the two countries, great things could happen. Yes, we have some cultural differences but, those differences should in no way cause the economic struggle that we currently face between the two countries. The US is hurting the citizens of Cuba to attempt to get the dictatorial government to change. If the US would allow the government of Cuba to not lose face with its population while opening up trade and tourism it could be beneficial for both countries. The Individualism / Collectivism cultural difference is going to be a very difficult difference for both countries to overcome, each towards the other.

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