Essay on The Cultural Differences Between South Korea And Morocco

Essay on The Cultural Differences Between South Korea And Morocco

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One East Asian country and North African country are compared using Hofstede’s six dimensions of cultures to find similar results in four of six behaviors but an extreme difference in how each society keeps a link with the past while maintaining the present and future. The cultural difference between South Korea and Morocco are most obvious in the dimension of Long Term Orientation, and each approach business in the most opposite way. Analyzing the comparison of these two countries gives a further look into their particular culture and the impact it has on business choices. Understanding how culture is an important aspect of an entity leads to successful business and leaders.
A country’s Uncertainty Avoidance dimension, or the way a society tolerates ambiguity is scored high by both South Korea and Morocco. In these cultures, time is money and when it comes to work one should be busy and working hard. There is a need for rules, and precision and punctuality in the work place are a part of a normal work ethic among high scoring UA behaviors. Both of these countries have these characteristics, but South Koreans are even more firm in those beliefs with a high score of 85, proving they are one of the most uncertainty avoiding in the world in comparison to Morocco which is at 68 (Hofstede, n.d.).
Another dimension of behavior is Masculinity, meaning what motivates society and if those characteristics are more often associated with masculine qualities (CSU-Global, n.d.). South Korea scores 39 on Hofstede’s scale therefore is more feminine, valuing in equality between sexes, and focus on quality of life by working to live. Countries who score low on this scale prefer free time and flexibility in the workplace and care more about well...

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...he behaviors of Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions are very similar in many ways between both South Korea and Morocco. In four of the six dimensions these countries and their behaviors were similar and shared in many ways. Only in one dimension was Morocco deemed inconclusive being right in the middle of the masculinity scale. The biggest difference was seen in Morocco, who values tradition over South Koreas concern of generational growth for long periods of time. Due to many of these similarities, business outlooks in certain ways will be very alike and may not be outside the norm if these two countries were to work together. On the other end as long as they understand in what way they are completely opposite, a business leader could arm himself with the knowledge of understanding in what way their country differs in order to best interact and work with the other.

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