Cultural Differences and Similarities Between Mexico and Venezuela Essay

Cultural Differences and Similarities Between Mexico and Venezuela Essay

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Culture’s Celebrations
The Hispanic culture is filled with feasts, religion and family, but each Hispanic country’s culture has different set of customs and beliefs. These Hispanic countries can be found in South America and Central America. I first noticed the differences in Hispanic culture when my neighbor moved in about three years ago. My family withholds the culture of Mexico while my neighbor withholds a Venezuelan culture. We celebrate many of the same holidays but our traditions are not the same at all. Although Mexicans and Venezuelans share similar cultures, their traditions vary greatly.
Mexicans and Venezuelans celebrate Halloween very differently; to the extent, some Venezuelans do not even celebrate the holiday. Mexicans celebrates Day of the Dead instead of Halloween. During Day of the Dead, Mexicans build altars and fill it with desserts, tamales and candy for their passed loved ones, and decorate and clean their graves. These altars are made specifically as a welcoming to the loved ones who passed away. People are sometimes welcomed to visit other’s families’ altars and take part in any of the goodies or stories involved. Some Pueblos or communities, they gathered food from different altars and enjoy the food at their loved one’s grave. Day of the Dead is much similar to Halloween, but contain much more meaning and spirit. We celebrate this holiday to remember our loved ones; not in a weeping sense, more over into a joyous sense. We only talk about the good and special times we had with that individual. People tell each other’s stories and thoughts of the dead to let them know we still remember their presence. On the other hand, in some communities in Venezuelans celebrate Halloween exactly how Americans do, but...

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...over the past year. The only custom there is in Venezuela during the big countdown until midnight is that they ring 12 bells in their capital, Caracas. Once the New Year has started, then the big party and happy music I splayed in honoring the New Year’s. Many Venezuelans write down wishes on a piece of paper before the countdown and burn them afterwards. This custom represents hope.
In conclusion, you can find many differences between the two cultures, mainly from their traditions on holidays. Each Hispanic culture id different when it comes to celebrating such holidays. Venezuela seems to have a more open community because of the many parties and feasts held on the streets. While in Mexico, we tend to celebrate our holidays mainly with family and relaxation. Venezuelans and Mexicans have a common culture but their traditions are much different from one another.

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