Cultural Differences And Post Colonial Psychology Essay

Cultural Differences And Post Colonial Psychology Essay

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As "class disgust" implies, without different classes, discussing this topic is pointless. Tyler mentioned "a large process of ‘class making ' which [attempted] to distinguish the white upper and middle class from the white poor" (18). Therefore, we also have to discover a process of "class making" between Hong Kong people and Mainlanders first. Fok demonstrated that "Hong Kong people [were] becoming more aware of their uniqueness" (86), which means that they are classifying themselves from Mainland China. Civic education, social media, cultural differences and post-colonial psychology all play significant roles in the process of classification.
During the colonization era, Hong Kong was strongly influenced by Western culture. The civic education obviously worked for British rulers, so it reflected most of the Western values. By looking through several surveys, Fok discovered that Hong Kong people adored freedom of speech, democracy and the rule of law, which are all parts of Western values. Fok commented that the adoration of the rule of law "[did] not follow the Chinese traditional concept of the rule of man" (88-9). Whereas, communism countries are always related to no freedom of speech and no democracy. This cognition caused a fear among Hong Kong people to China (Fok 89). Even though the civic education was not comprehensive enough during the colonization era, the basic concepts of modern Western values already rooted in the hearts of many Hong Kong people. (Fok 89). The impact of civic education is that it polarizes political circumstances. The civic education enables Hong Kong people to believe that the British rule is more democratic than the Chinese rule. Based on this impact, a sense of superiority is existing in th...

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... for anything American" (qtd. in Okazaki, David, and Abelmann 97) is similar to Hong Kong people’s behaviours these days. They reject Chinese Mandarin and the Chinese government (Wu n.p.), and some of them even desire to be ruled by British again ([my translation] Wong n.p.). The post-colonial psychology affects Hong Kong opinions to Mainland China. It facilitates the sentiment of rejecting things with Chinese icons. Consequently, the post-colonial psychology propels Hong Kong people to classify themselves from Mainlanders.
Based on previous analysis, Hong Kong people are absolutely classifying themselves from Mainlanders. According to Lai 's survey, about half of the Hong Kong students identify themselves as "Hongkonger" (254). The self-identity of the new generation further proves that a social class difference is existing between Hong Kong people and Mainlanders.

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