Cultural Differences and Intercultural Communication Challenges Essay

Cultural Differences and Intercultural Communication Challenges Essay

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When examining my own cultural identity it has occurred to me that many of the things that define my own cultural identity are that of Majority groups, however it would seem that I have just as many if not more Minority group identity factors shaping me ever so slightly within the majority boundaries.
For example at first look I am a Married male with a predominantly Anglo-Saxon heritage. However upon close inspection one can begin to notice the red hues within my complexion these are subtle hints to a much less dominant cultural history.
Many members of one side of my family strongly identify with our Native American heritage; as a result I spent many years as a young man learning that culture. Later in life when I was around 12 or 13 I moved in with my father whom I knew very little of as he and my mother divorced when I was still a newborn. His side of the family did not participate in the same native heritage as my mother’s side of the family so I felt that I grew distant from that culture.
These are two competing factors that have helped establish my ethnic and racial Identity. I currently self-Identify my race or ethnicity as white however within that broad categorization my native influence have definitely played a part in the way I view or approach certain aspects.
A large part of my own Identity I struggle with is my age identity. Growing up as a child people would always comment about how I seemed very mature for my age. I can look back and agree with them many times I preferred to have interactions with adults because many of the things children my age were doing or talking about seemed immature.
This trend followed me thought my schooling career and, as a result I had a much better understanding and relationship...

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...uslim perpetrators. In fact this research shows that between 1980 and 2005 only 6% of terrorist acts were committed by Islamic extremists (Global Research , 2013)

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