Cultural Culture And American Culture Essay

Cultural Culture And American Culture Essay

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Being born and raised in America, I have grown to love my country, and my nationality. I am apart of many cultures, I am ethnically Swedish and am Christian. I am very nerdy, and am quite the hipster. All of these are different cultures that I could have chosen to write this paper on. But if I had to pick a culture that I think is the most prevalent in my everyday life, it would be the American culture. I feel like all of these sub-cultures I am apart of are only possible because I am a part of the American culture. The main thing I think that is unique to American culture is being able to be a part of several sub-cultures. Everyone within our culture has several cultures that they can identify with, but I think that this itself is a part of what American culture is. We have several sub-cultures and types of people here, which all add up to a larger American culture. American culture, in a nutshell has many different people, dialects, rituals and ideas that are all what makes being American.
One thing about America that people fail to realize is just how large of a country we all live in! It is the third largest country population wise, and the third largest country in surface area. We are so large in fact that we have several dialects and accents within the country. Southern Americans have southern accents, and have a completely different way of speaking than someone from Boston. This size and diversity leads to not only different dialects, but also different rituals. Rituals are standardized, repetitive practices that reaffirm a cultures belief system. (Schwartzman, R. (2014). Oral Communication. 405 Westmark Drive Dubuque, IA. Kendall Hunt, Page 64). Most Americans share similar cultural rituals like the fourth of July, which...

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...ry individualist. Most of our self-identity is based on the values that come from the constitution. Because I am patriotic and follow American ideals do I think that our country and culture are perfect? No! Most Americans would agree with me. For example, I and most Americans have a love hate relationship with fast food places and other large corporations. American culture means that we can all be divided on an issue and be free to express our opinion on it. American culture, in a nutshell has many different people, dialects, rituals and ideas that are all what makes being American. Most people in the American culture might be divided on issues, but at the end of the day I think this is what makes us apart of our culture. People in American culture might have differences but we all share similar dreams, values, and history which shapes our culture, and in a way, us.

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