Cultural Competency Quiz Changed After Taking This Course Essay

Cultural Competency Quiz Changed After Taking This Course Essay

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Cultural Competence
Researching and developing awareness of different cultures beliefs, values, and practice can help aid with providing cultural competent care. As a healthcare professional, this is an essential competent for caring for patient of different ethnicity group. “Organizations and individuals who understand their clients’ cultural values, beliefs, and practices are in a better position to be co-participants with their clients in providing culturally acceptable care” (Purnell & Paulanka, 2008, p. 2). During the beginning of this course, I had taken a cultural competency quiz regarding my responses to the patient cultural values and belief practices. I will later discuss how my results from the cultural competency quiz changed after taking this course.
In addition, I had the opportunity to interview my co-worker, whom is from the Haitian descent. Mrs. C.D. had given me some insight on her cultural beliefs, values and practice. As a healthcare professional, there are five areas in which I feel would affect nursing care of Haitian cultural such as: acknowledging cultural diversity, communication, stereotyping, learning about the patient cultural beliefs and values, and being cultural sensitive. I will discuss how developing these concepts would help with providing cultural competent care to patient of different ethnicity other than your own. Also, I will further discuss how some of the knowledge in which I have gained from this course can be used to positively affect nursing care rendered to my patients. As a healthcare professional, researching and developing awareness of your patient cultural values and beliefs is the first step to providing cultural competent care.
Cultural Diversity
In order to provide cu...

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...and acknowledge the patient indifferences. When the patient recognizes the health care provider respects their belief and practice, they will more likely respond better to their treatment. As a result, there will be an improved outcome of the patient health.
Another area in which I improved on after taking this course is learning to respect non-traditional family structure such as: divorced parents and same gender parents. The world is constantly changing and there is a rise on non-traditional family structure. I may not agree with the changes occurring, but as a health care professional I learn to respect the non-traditional family structure. Again as previously stated, I cannot believe my values and belief system is the only right path to follow. You have to accept the cultural indifferences and be willing to provide care based upon the needs of your patient.

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