Cultural Competency Is Important For Discrimination Cases Among Lgbt Patients Within New York City 's Healthcare System

Cultural Competency Is Important For Discrimination Cases Among Lgbt Patients Within New York City 's Healthcare System

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The purpose of this report is to explain how Mitchell Rice definition of cultural competency is significant to discrimination cases among LGBT patients within New York City’s healthcare system. In addition to, as a top level administrator of a hospital, this report will discus what actions would be best implemented to improve cultural competency at my hospital.
Cultural competency as defined is to enhance the skillset of public administrators and public service systems to deliver values and understanding by increasing an agency’s ability to work efficiently, effectively, and fairly among any type of cultural differences. (Rice, 2007, p. 625) This definition of cultural competency is relevant to the specific scenario involving a LGBT patient, John being admitted to the psychiatric department by a doctor at a New York Hospital for the following factors. According to Cross et al, there a six different processes of cultural competency, cultural destructiveness, cultural incapacity, cultural blindness, cultural pre-competence; cultural competency, and cultural proficiency. As stated by Cross et al, they ranged from negative aspects to positive aspects for the outcome of cultural competency. Relating back to the scenario involving John, in this case, the possibility of cultural incapacity plays a major role. Cross et al in the Rice article states that cultural incapacity is while others cultures are acknowledged only a distinct superior culture is supported.
Patient John did his normal due diligence as a citizen and that is to check up on his health. John happens to be a transgender and the hospital doctor, immediately thinks that he has a psychological problem. Ones culture results may conclude that someone may be mental...

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...e to patients suing for discrimination. As well referring to the scenario as stated, New York City estimates about 75% of LGBT patients delay routine doctor visits and compromise preventative care due to their fear of discrimination and rejection from healthcare providers. 75% is a large portion and that means more than half of the LGBT population is not seeing their local doctor, which can lead to unknown sicknesses and other health factors due to lack of awareness from not attending routine checkups. Discrimination has no place in hospitals and every patient no matter what their cultural background or way of living may be, no man or woman should be denied adequate health screenings. Therefore, cultural competency is useful and should be utilized and trained to all public organizations employees based on the demographics of the community, the organization serves.

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