Essay on Cultural Competency And Health Care

Essay on Cultural Competency And Health Care

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The absence of cultural competency in some health care providers, lack of community perspective integration in health care facilities, and low quality health care received by women in developing countries.These are the three most pressing health care concerns that need to be addressed in our ever changing world. The first of the issues I’ll be discussing is the lack of cultural competency amongst health care providers, as well as the shortage of education and training in cultural competency. As we all know and see the United States is a racially and ethnically diverse nation which means our health care providers need to be equipped with the necessary education and training to be able to provide for diverse populations. As an East African woman who plans for a career in nursing, I hope to do my part in raising cultural competency by using my personal background and experiences to bring forth more awareness to the lack of cultural competency. Whether or not the hospital visit goes smoothly or not depends on the providers level of cultural competency. The second concern in health care today is that some health care facilities do not implement the perspectives of the surrounding community into their health planning. The deficiency in community perspectives leads to health care providers not knowing about the people surrounding them in the community in greater detail, or simply not seeing things from their point of view. Health care providers not knowing their surrounding community impacts the way they provide health care to a patient. I hope to use my background in community work with underrepresented populations and the qualities I gained to hopefully reduce and someday diminish the concern that health care isn’t keeping up with th...

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...I will do my part in diminishing in the future as a nurse. I will do my part in raising cultural competency in health care by educating my fellow health care providers on cultural awareness by using my personal experience as a multi cultural women. I will bring forth the issue of implementing community perspectives by using my background and experience as a community volunteer to set up dialogue events, as well as set apart time for faculty education on the benefits of strengthening the bond between the faculty of health care facilities and bring the neighboring community together. I will also use my future training as a nurse to visit and provide better quality health care to those women in developing countries I will use the qualities I’ve attained throughout my personal, professional, and volunteer experiences to do my part in bettering the future of health care.

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