Cultural Competence As Defined By The American Medical Association Essay

Cultural Competence As Defined By The American Medical Association Essay

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Cultural competence as defined by the American Medical Association acknowledges the responsibility of healthcare providers to understand and appreciate differences that exist in other cultures (as cited by McCorry & Mason, 2011). Moreover, it is the healthcare provider’s responsibility to not only become knowledgeable of other cultural differences, but to assess and adapt their skills to meet the needs of those patients (McCorry & Mason, 2011). Culturally competent healthcare providers recognize and incorporate cultural diversity, awareness, and sensitivity into the total care of a patient (Matzo & Sherman, 2015). Mr. L. is a Chinese-American man and it appears his culture is influencing his end of life (EOL) experience. It is essential that the nurse listens carefully and gathers as much information as she can about the patient’s background and personal beliefs. Several areas the nurse can focus on include the following: assessing the family’s practice and beliefs surrounding suffering, illness, and death; determining the family’s ethnic identity, including immigration experience and support within the community; primary and secondary languages, including verbal and nonverbal communication patterns; identifying who makes major decisions within the family structure; determining the complementary therapies that are used while caring for the patient (Matzo and Sherman, 2015). Scripture instills the importance of loving and helping those of all cultures and beliefs. “With all humility and gentleness, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:2-3, English Standard Version).
Question #2 – What aspects of Chinese-American culture are displayed in this scenario?

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...mmunication between the eldest son, mother, and youngest son. The eldest son and mother continue to encourage Mr. L. to eat when it causes aspiration. The younger son, speaking privately to the nurse, verbalizes understanding of his father’s impending death. Unfortunately, neither the mother nor eldest son acknowledge the gravity of the situation and do not participate in said conversation.
Approaches to medicine in Chinese culture often include the use of meridians and life energy called chi or qui. The concept of yin and yang, complementary or balancing energies, is also prevalent throughout Chinese medicine. It is the belief that using these techniques can help correct imbalances in energy channels (Matzo & Sherman, 2015). The hospice nurse reported seeing round bruises over Mr. L.’s back – a sign that Chinese medicine was probably being used on Mr. L.

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