Essay on Cultural Changes in the Tribals

Essay on Cultural Changes in the Tribals

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with Special Reference to
Khedbrahma Taluka of Sabarkantha District, North Gujarat.


There are tribal societies all over the world. They live as nomadic tribes or settle down in the remote areas. Their main vocation is raising cattle, cultivating land and trading in forest produce. The Galas of the East Africa or Hausas of the West Africa appear to be a kin to the tribals of North Gujarat (Sabarkantha, Khedbrahma). These tribal live in various geographical regions of India. Their tribal society, elements, linguistic and cultural traits have variations. These tribals are the most important contributors towards the origin of the Indian society. The tribal society tends to be attacked by the movements such as westernization, modernization, acceptance of non-tribal cultures and “Munda” and “Ho” festivals are ancient tribal celebrations but now they are being replaced by “Easter” and “Christmas” celebration. The traditional “Yuva Gruh” (the youth hostels) are now going out of sight. There are visible changes in the family marriage institutions, tribal guilds, dresses, lifestyle, socialites etc.

This study is related to the cultural issues of the Dungari, Garasiya tribals living in the Khedbrahma Taluka, Sabarkantha district.

This article aims at studying the changes, their reasons and the present situation of the tribal culture with a special reference to Dungari Garasiya tribals. For this study ...

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...s indicated this fact.
The traditional ornaments of the tribal men and women such as stud, ear-rings, necklace, double-necklace etc. are being replaced by modern ornaments. There is a visible change in their traditional dress, diet, lifestyle etc. the style of addressing the social relations and family relations are changing, replacing the traditional ones. We seldom see the pictures of Gods and Goddesses or their vehicles on the walls of their huts. In short due to education, cultural contracts, urbanization, modern technology factors, the tribal civilization is speedily changing.

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