Essay about Cultural Change And Progress, Is It A Good Thing?

Essay about Cultural Change And Progress, Is It A Good Thing?

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Cultural Change and Progress, is it a Good Thing?
Achebe and Mahfouz were both twentieth century writers of different lands that captured the religious views of their youth, through the progression of change happening around them. There writings reflected the cultural views of the past, the infusion of new religion and politics bringing about a cultural change and progress that was for the good or the bad.
Achebe in his writing “Things Fall Apart” about Nigerian villagers of Umuofia who held strong, “most of the time” too their views to keep the clan of their people strong and respected, “Umuofia was feared by all its neighbor’s, “its war-medicine was as old as the clan itself” (Damrosch, 2009), they had many gods. With time the rules were lax, to the point that their mighty war like traditions resulted in the trading of human life in exchange of another, unlike previous “a life for a life”, “the war that now threatened was a just war, even the enemy clan knew that” (Damrosch, 2009), this was civilized. As colonization moved into the African nation so did its views and religio...

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