Cultural Aspects That Impacted My Life Essay

Cultural Aspects That Impacted My Life Essay

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The main focus of this cultural autobiography is for me to be able to reflect on two cultural aspects that impacted my life and help me shape the way I am today. The first cultural aspect that impacted in many ways my life was being an immigrant to a new country without knowing how to speak a word in English. The challenges that I face were many throughout the years, especially when I started school and had not one single friend on my first day in school. Many immigrant students nowadays continue facing many challenges in the school settings, not only because English is not their first language, but also because teachers are not being trained to assist them with their educational needs. According to Borjian & Padilla (2010) every year thousands of families emigrate from Mexico to the United States with children from a low socio-economic level that will be entering schools with teachers that are not prepared to meet their educational needs. Being the new student is always a transition for a child, but entering a school were no one seem to help you unless your parents pressure for assistance is worst. The first time I enter that school I was terrified due to having to sit next to children that were speaking very differently from me and having a teacher that seem to forget that I did not understand a word she was saying when she referred to me in English was the most difficult part of the transition. Every time the teacher was giving instructions for an assignment in English and I finally took the courage to ask for help, and the teacher reply by rejecting my request due to not having the enough time to focus on my needs was very embarrassing and emotional draining for me. Teachers need the training in order to assist this population...

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...ulture, the more I was questioning and letting others know how I felt about those beliefs. Education was an important factor for me when it came down to challenging my culture beliefs and being able to feel confident enough to explain my disagreement with traditional gender roles. According to Su, et al., (2010) the level of education also impacts the way, “machismo” is view by Latinas and the changes of moving forward into egalitarian families. I truly believe that I am making a positive change for my future generations everyday I get educated and work on making egalitarian decisions with my husband. I hope my children are not affected by the traditional gender roles that my culture continues expecting and realize the effort that my husband and I are doing to move forward with an egalitarian family and a more modern view of gender roles within the family structure.

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