Cultural Aspects Of Doing Business With China Essay

Cultural Aspects Of Doing Business With China Essay

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Cultural aspects of doing business with China
China is currently experiencing economic growth at a rapid pace and it seems everyone wants to do business with them. China is a top contender when it comes to being candidate for a foreign investor and they are also having great success in exportation. China is also being chosen due to what they can provide to large corporations such as being a low cost provider in manufacturing or offering low cost electrical or machinery type items. Though there seems to be a lot of positives to doing business with China, but there are many other considerations one should take into account if they feel China is the right country for them to partner with. Doing business with China might not always be so easy, as their cultural beliefs and specific ways of doing business might make the average Joe walk away even before it’s begun. There are many factors that can impact a business deal with China that may not be the first thing on one’s mind while in the midst of negotiating a contract with Chinese entrepreneurs. Some of the topics that will be discussed in this overview of the cultural aspects of doing business with China are negotiation skills that must be present while doing any business dealings with China. Religion is an important factor to the Chinese cultural, so how do the aspects of their personal beliefs play into the business world? Along with religious factors there is also a social hierarchy in Chinese companies that may make a difference when compiling business dealings. This structure plays an important part in the Chinese corporate world so how does it impact their success verses American companies? Gift giving is another Chinese cultural aspect that should be thoroughly researched so o...

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...iderations that will play a big factor in a successful business deal and they are: knowing the context of the deal, knowing your partner, know yourself, determine strengths and weaknesses, and strive for operational readiness. Knowing who is behind the deal means more than just knowing a name, looking at the person or company’s credibility or really trying to determine why they want to be involved in the business deals is crucial information. Self awareness is also a key component as this can help in preparations of a deal, knowing personal strengths and weaknesses along with corporate strengths and weakness will be advantageous. Finally, always thinking about what affect the partnership is going to have on the organization and making sure that the right decisions are being made and there is an efficient line of communication are all pieces to mastering the negation.

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