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Cultural Artifact Project Essay

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Cultural Artifact Project
Education is why people attend college, hundreds of thousands of students are thrown onto campuses across the world and get involved in various campus clubs; however, despite their vast amount of differences, these kids share one similarity, they all brought their video game console. On move-in day almost every dormitory has some kind of gaming console. It is a common denominator that students share, that they can bond over. The PlayStation 4 is of the latest generation of consoles and by some considered the premiere gaming console. The Sony PlayStation plays all the latest games in stunning quality, run apps seamlessly, and can play almost any media, it is the perfect media device for college.
I chose the PlayStation 4 as my artifact because it is the computer that provides media and entertainment to the largest screen in a living space: the television. Having a beautiful eighty inch flat screen is useless without a device to play media. The PlayStation 4 is my device of choice to have connected to my TV. It is the jack of all trades, gaming on it is phenomenal, there is a Blu-ray player built in, and it has hundreds, if not thousands, of apps including Netflix. With a PlayStation 4 plugged into my TV I have access to endless amounts of content; A fundamental need to the college life.
Before moving into the dorms at Michigan State, I had to do a lot of shopping in preparation for the transition. Prior to moving in I knew my room needed at least one console for the four of us (I live in a quad). Since none of my three roommates had one I decided to get one off amazon. It was nice in the summer having one, but now it was more of a necessity. Recently, the price of a new PS$ dropped to $300. It is an e...

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... selection, a classic that people of all ages and genders love. The similarities in interest in this show and many others have led to many Netflix sessions ended shorter than originally planned. The scenario: a guy or girl would invite a partner, or partners (It’s 2016), over to “chill” these people would end up deciding on a show to binge. After a given amount of time bit one thing would lead to another- hence the title of the phenomenon: “Netflix and Chill”. All made possible by the PlayStation 4.
My experience at Michigan State University would not be the same if I had not bought my PlayStation last summer. Since that purchase I have watched many TV shows and movies with my roommates and friends and challenged many people to NHL and FIFA matches, all on my PlayStation 4. Without it, I would have missed out on so many friendships that I am grateful I have today.

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