Cultural Appropriation : Black Girl With Cornrows, Big Hoop Earrings Essay

Cultural Appropriation : Black Girl With Cornrows, Big Hoop Earrings Essay

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What do you think of when you see black girl with cornrows, big hoop earrings . “ that 's so ratchet” term used to knock down other cultural for being able to express who they are. It 's used to Make you feel bad about something that has been passed down from generations. Term used to stop you from wearing cornrows and big

hoop earrings so another culture can do it get credit for what you wear. Because a black person couldn 't possibly wear cornrows not look ratchet or ghetto. Cultural appropriation is to design for oppressing people down . We need to reclaim what 's always been ours, stop feeling bad, be unapologetic .

Has child growing up, cornrows were the style every little black girl had. It 's one of the best Protective hairstyle. It was simply and looked nice also last long time. until the next time I need to get them redone. In other people 's eyes it seemed ghetto , or didn 't have good hair. You got made fun of if your hair isn 't straight. That 's how relaxing was a big turn out because nobody wanted “ nappy” hair. People wanted to look like white girls with straight hair. Black people stop loving them self,accepting who they are. Black people stopped being black. Cornrows isn 't just used in the black community. Hispanic and native American cultural use the hairstyle has well. Cornrows looked only best on white people is the point getting across.

But what I realize over the years of growing up . Is learning to love and take care of my hair. Isn’t such thing has “ nappy” hair it 's just the curly pattern grows out of my hair. “ nappy” hair is what the western society brainwash us to thinking wasn 't good hair, we need to be more like them.

The media has double standard, gives prises to the white peo...

... middle of paper ...

...addressing the black community or standing up for it.

In conclusion, cultural appropriation isn’t the fact kylie is wearing cornrows. Its because cornrows have name became “ box braids”. Have natural big lips has become trend like new bath body works fragrances. Coachella has become enterianmeantcenter to appropriate indian cultural. Cultural appropriation is not respecting the other cultural and giving credit where it 's due.there 's a fine line between embracing someone cultural, and taken credit for it has your own. When I have child one day, want them to wear cornrows to school, proud with their head held high, fully love their big lips and accept who they are, never let someone say they are ghetto or not good enough because they don 't live up to the white is right mentality. To speak about cultural appropriation because a awrence is the key.

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