Cultural Appropriation : Art And Other Manifestations Of Human Intellectual Achievement

Cultural Appropriation : Art And Other Manifestations Of Human Intellectual Achievement

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Cultural Appropriation
Culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Cultural appropriation, the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another culture, has become extremely overused and has lost all meaning in our society. What started out reasonably (i.e. to prevent racism) has morphed into selfishness and complete idiocy (i.e. preventing the usage of inventions like canoes).[7] Cultural appropriation had a low, steady amount of attention until late 2013, when the topic exploded.[4] Eradication of cultural appropriation is impossible and even if it was possible, it would be detrimental to our civilization.
Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation
No one is attempting to defend racist costumes or truly stolen and misused elements of a culture. However, it is possible and necessary to use elements from other cultures in a respectful and educational manner. Cultural Appropriation is a real thing that can be harmful. However, the term is overused and is becoming harmful.Society needs to recognize the importance of unity and sharing. Calling everything racist takes significance away from real instances of racism.If we continue down this slippery slope of accusations, everyone will be scared to contribute to society in any way. As a result, no progress will be made in any field due to lack of communication. This could cause deep, irreparable segregation and isolation.

Bad vs Good Appropriation
Some appropriation is not okay. For example, Germany’s Nazi Party turned the Buddhist and Hindu Swastika, which originally stood for auspiciousness and good fortune[10], as well as the sun, into a symbol of hate and violence. This appropriation takes away from the tr...

... middle of paper ... of having these ideas stolen or being accused of appropriation. Society adopting this train of thought would be a major step backward in the unity and advancement of exploration of mankind’s visions.

In conclusion, cultural appropriation is a real thing that can be harmful; however, the overuse and misuse of the term has become extremely toxic. Eliminating cultural appropriation would be detrimental to the world’s unity, if it was even possible. It is a necessary practice that everyone participates in daily. People need to recognize the importance of unity and sharing. Calling everything racist takes significance away from real instances of racism and oppression. People also need to recognize the importance of unity and sharing. Despite all of the differences and problems that they have had, humans need to realize that they are all just that, human.

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